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With advanced third party logistics warehousing infrastructure and technological capabilities, Lean Supply chain solution is strategically positioned to help our customers scale confidently and sustainably in the current business market trend and ecommerce economy.
Our team of experts ensures your orders are delivered on time to creating a satisfied end customer.

Fulfilment solution

LEAN Supply Chain Solution

Key Benefits & Services of Lean SCS Fulfillment solutions.

In addition to gaining access to our end-to-end 3PL services and customer-driven solutions, the benefits of partnering with Lean SCS include:
●Direct-to-DC and last-mile order fulfillment
●Order selection per LIFO, FIFO, and lot/batch
●Next-day and expedited order services Inventory record keeping and management
●24/7 visibility via our web-based TMS and WMS tools
●Vendor and end-customer routing guides and SOP compliance expertise Reduced outbound delivery and labour costs for fulfillment functions
●Single-source partnership for warehousing, distribution, transportation, and deliveries

Digitizing Operations

Lean SCS provides innovative fulfilment solutions that are tailored to each customer’s supply chain requirements. Our solutions focus on increasing fulfilment productivity and efficiency while also maintaining a high level of quality. Our team of expert’s design, implement, and operate fulfilment solutions through innovative technology and industry-leading error proofing technology.
Each solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with our customers’ systems to provide an optimal and accurate flow of operational data. This provides Lean SCS with the real-time data needed to continually operate an advanced fulfilment solution while simultaneously providing our customers’ full transparency and visibility into the operations.
LEAN Supply Chain Solution Lean Supply chain Supply chain solutions Leanscs-supply chain solution

B2B Logistics

LEAN Supply Chain Solution

Tailor-made B2B Distribution

Implement the distribution strategy most suitable for your business. Hassle-free movement of goods from your suppliers to distributors and distributors to retailers.
●Cost - Reduce costs by minimising excess inventory, obsolescence, theft, and damage
●Space - Optimise space utilisation by storing only the inventory you require
●Efficiency - Increase efficiency by ensuring you have the right part at the right time, On Time order picking and dispatches.
●Quality - Improve quality with industry-leading error-proofing and automated inspection techniques
●Transparency - Increase operational transparency with real-time inventory and delivery data.

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